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Betty DeRose                               Pamela Mithchell
Office Administrator                       SGA Bookkeeper
Ian Honauer
webmaster [at] montclairsga [dot] org

Rosemarry Howell
SGA President's Advisor
(Dean of Students)

Rick Brown
SGA Vice President's Advisor
(Director of Student Leadership)

Fatima deCarvalho
SGA Financial Advisor
(Assisant Dean and Director of CSI)

Executive Branch

Executive Officers: 

The Executive Branch is composed of the SGA President and his/her cabinet.  Except for the four executive officers, all cabinet posts are appointed by the President and approved by a 2/3 vote of the SGA Legislature. The four executive officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Secretary) also serve as the Trustees of the SGA corporate structure and are elected each spring in a campus wide election. The Executive Officers hold their positions from June 1st to May 31st of the following year. Members of the President's cabinet  report on matters concerning various areas of campus life. 

Executive Officers
Christopher Goscinski, President
goscinskic1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Jared Shababb, Vice President
shababbj1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Arun Bhambri, Executive Treasurer
msusgatreasurer [at] gmail [dot] com

Kristin Chapman, Secretary
kmc [dot] sga [at] gmail [dot] com

Cabinet Members
Christopher Preciado, Attorney General
preciadoc1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

TBA, Press Secretary
popej1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

TBA, Director of Student Outreach
mehtap2 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

TBA, Secretary of Commuter Affairs
goscinskic1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

TBA, Secretary of Academic Affairs
martinezc10 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

TBA, Secretary of Residential Affairs
patelp42 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

TBA, Director of Programming
schnatze1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

TBA, Director of Class II, III, and IV organizations
boanr1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

, President of Greek Council
kontogiannm [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu (

Legislative Branch


The legislator's initial, and most important, function as a student advocate is that of acting as a communication link between the Student Government and the student body. Each legislator is required to attend a weekly meeting, Wednesday, 3 p.m., in a meeting room on the fourth floor of the Student Center, as well as at least one committee meeting. By using the committee system, each proposed expenditure, resolution, etc. is considered in depth. The committee reports its findings to the legislature, which decides the fate of the proposal. From there, the bill is sent to the Executive Branch for consideration. -From the Student Handbook


Jared Shababb, President Pro-Tempore
Chair of Constitutional Review Committee
shababbj1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Megan Thompson
Chair of Government and Administration Committee
thompsonm13 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Lee Holland
Chair of Appropriations Committee
hollandl1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Zachary Ehrlich
SGA Clerk
ehrlichz1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Arturo Rodriguez
Chair of Marketing and Publicity Committee
rodrigueza37 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Jonathan Aronoff
Chair of Student Affairs Committee
aronoffj1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Judicial Branch


Bess Eckstein, Chief Justice
ecksteinb1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Michael Melvin, Justice
melvinm1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu

Craig Surko, Justice
surkoc1 [at] mail [dot] montclair [dot] edu